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Ball hitch on front of tractor

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Just bought a 448. It occurred to me that I can use the trailer to move around my Scamp fiberglass travel trailer (weight is 1000 pounds).

I would like to mount a ball on the front somehow. Any tips? I went looking here and did not find anything.

Could I remove the blade from my plow and put the ball on the frame somehow? That way I could raise and lower it into place.
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It would depend on the tongue weight, but if it could do it, it would be just barely.

To do this job you really need at least a sleeve hitch, ideally a 3 pt hitch.

I just want to clarify my opinion:. In talking about tongue weight I mean putting the ball weight out at the end of the blade bracket and asking the midlift to lift against all that torque.

So if you want a hitch ball that can be raised and lowered where you could theoretically not have to get out of the seat, I still think you need to look at a sleeve hitch minimum or a 3-point hitch ideally.

One of the first things I ever fabricated was a 48-in wide horizontal plate with two vertical end plates that hinged to the top outer corners of my front blade, so that the blade can act as a clamshell bucket, something like a Johnny bucket.

So you put the blade down drive into dirt it scoops up onto/into the bucket, lift it up drive it to where you want it and then pull the horizontal plate forward, which opens the clamshell, and it dumps the dirt.

And it did work, somewhat. But it was very frustrating to use, because the mid lift was right at it's very very peak limits trying to lift it.

And I spent a lot of time trying to reimagine the engineering of it of how I could get the mid lift to lift it higher and lift it stronger and eventually I gave up on the idea of using the blade bracket as a lifting device, and just went ahead and built a real front loader.

So you certainly could replace the horizontal blade bracket with a custom fitting that would mount the ball closer to the grill, and could be made to go up and down using the mid lift. But if it were me, if I were going to do that much fabrication work, I would direct it into a rear hitch so that that fab work also brought all the other benefits of having a rear hitch.

But a stationary front ball mounted up tight near the grill seems like it would and does work great.

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Are you talking about something like this? I would think you would have to limit yourself to snow and woodchips. Or very light loads of dirt or gravel.
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Yes, very much like that. I just wrote a new post about it, so I don't hijack this one.

The problem with going the mule mount route is that you'll have to remove your deck any time you want to use the front ball hitch, because most Case/Ingersolls have to use a mule bracket to mount the deck to the tractor.

So for front hitches, I prefer the one Bob McGregor posted that's actually bolted to the frame independent of the mule bracket.

For what it's worth.

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Bob McGregor's approach works great for me to launch PWC, keep the deck on and the tractor dry. Thanks Bob! View attachment 128767
That's pretty cool! I'm impressed.

Of course, I like to do mine like THIS:

Automotive tire Asphalt Road surface Tire Composite material


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