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Hi folks,
Info about 4000 series tractors.
A 4014 was produced for a few years along with the 3014. Both had Kohler M series engines on supports with shock mounts. The 4014 is fairly rare, but I did have the opportunity to work on one. The owner had drained the engine oil and forgot to refill it, the engine was destroyed beyond rebuild as he would let it cool down and restart it until is seized. I re-powered this tractor with a 23HP Vanguard.
The 4016 came with Onan P216 and later with a 16HP Vanguard as the Onans were no longer available. Power steering models were also available in both power options. This same pattern also followed in the 4018s.
The 4020 powered with an Onan P220 and later with a Linamar LX 790. Power steering models were also produced as the 4020PS.
Onan produced the Performer Series engines in 16HP as a P216, 18HP as a P218 and 20HP as a P220. The also produced a P224 which was never used by Ingersoll. When the emissions standards became more stringent, production of the P series engines was moved to Canada. This was when the labels were changed to Linamar. The Linamar engines are Onan P series engine just with a different label. The Linamar LX 720 is a P216, the LX 770 is a P218 and the LX 790 is a P220.
Ingersoll again produced a 4118, a P218 powered all hydraulic tractor and a 4118D with the Perkins 3 cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine. The diesel engine powered tractors had an overheating problem which may not have been resolved. Here again, these two tractor models were produced only in 1992 and 1993 along with the 3118 and 3118D tractors.
Later production of Ingersoll tractors were all Vanguard powered. After several years of no production, the Ingersoll tractor line, primarily the 4000 models was moved to Maine by the new owner and production of the 4000 series tractors resumed for a few years. The Maine built line was manufactured by Eastman Industries.
Models were 4018, 4218, 4221, 4221PS, 4223, 4223PS and 4223PS-PTO.
The 4200 models have a foot pedal for ground speed control, but still have the travel lever that changes direction. I'm not sure if any 3000 series tractors were produced. The foot pedal is on the right hand side and is similar in operation to the 600, 6000 and 7000 series tractors.
The owner of Eastman Industries had a serious skiing injury several years back. The production of tractors suffered as result unfortunately. The owner passed away recently and the future of the company is unknown at this time.:geek:
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