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black frame 222

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for a black frame tractor, the correct hyd pto I think was offered black (unless that was the legacy).
was the cab offered as white like the attachments?
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Sly, the pto was black, however I have never seen a white cab.
time to paint the pto :chopwood:
going along with the theme of the tractor would a white cab be out of line.
have an opportunity to powder coat the cab white for a very reasonable price.

decisions, decisions
Bottom line..........your tractor... your choice.

However, you are going to the trouble to paint the PTO valve and lines black so that they are CORRECT for the tractor.

So..................grasshopper..... why would you want to put a white cab on it when Case and Ingersoll never offered a Power White cab?

The cabs have been either Sunset or Power Red.

Your cab will be bolted to Power Red fenders and wrapped around a Power Red hood.

OH.... one more thing. Since you are going to work this tractor, then I agree that you should remove the white seat now, have it repaired by an upholsterer and then store it inside away from UV light. The rest of the tractor is easily restored with fresh paint. Seats are a different story.
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I will probably end up painting it power red.
but, could the white powder coat work as a primer? (just something I would like to know)
for the amount of work to repaint it after powder coating it white, would just make sense to pay the extra and get it done with the proper color.

I know with todays paints you can get a very hard/durable finnish.

the seat is coming off. I was thrilled when I looked at its condition
and will be repaired, will have to give it another look but the outer seam just needs to be pushed back up, dont think I would need to go to an upholsterer unless some special glue was used?

its a decent tractor.
the worst of it is the foot boards, and the center but this is common for the most part.
and the decal on the opposite side has a section missing.

you can see the seat section on the attached picture.
this tractor is super fast in hi gear, when I decelerate it makes an odd gear noise, I think its normal.

I only purchased because I didnt like messing with the glider 222 :sidelaugh:

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You should talk with NutCASE because he was tracking down Power Red powder. I found a source for it and gave him the info in his powder coat thread in Off Topic. Do a search and pull that up. I can't advise if powder coat would make a better primer than regular epoxy primer. Someone else may wish to comment on that issue to help you decide.

The seat should be fixed by someone with experience. ...... Your choice.

The foot boards could be sand blasted, primed and painted. Not a big deal. Tony may have new decals for you.
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