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Blade modification question.

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I plan on purchasing a horse stall mat and sandwiching a piece between my blade and cutting edge for snow removal. My question is how much rubber should be left exposed below the cutting edge for maximum efficiency?
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It depends on how stiff the rubber is.

You want the edge to stay straight while plowing and not bend under. If it bends, then it does not cut. It will likely ride up and over the snow, giving very unsatisfactory results. I would choose one inch exposure.
For " maximum efficiency", less is better otherwise it will either chatter or bend over. The down side with less is it takes more adjustments/replacement through out the life of the rubber strip. You can always start long and trim down until you find the optimal length. Just my two cents. :smile:
I have looked at the horse stall matts for the same use. The one I saw at Tractor Supply was a soft cellulous foam and I do not think it would last very long, plus it being so pliable it would tend to roll and curl. Have you looked in any auto bone yards for a rubber truck bed mat? I think that would be a better choice being stiffer and 3/8 thick.
If this is for a rear scraper blade, I was thinking of making one of these (much smaller) to use in place of the scraper blade. The snow caster would remove the heaviest of the snow and this would clean up what is behind, Some are made to push rather then drag and could replace a blade ... stems.html
My choice would be an edge made from used conveyor belting that is at least 1/2 inch thick. This type of belting has reinforcing inside that makes it pretty tough.
Years ago I used the softer stuff and folded it under and ran the bolts back thru it and secured it with large flat washers and nylock nuts. It worked great but the material just wasn't durable enough. I have seen the belt type material at TSC and I may try it sometime in the future and again try it folded under.
I still have a new 54" blade edge and thicker metal to make another edge, just haven't got around to marking it, cutting and drilling it. The stock metal edge doesn't last long when plowing my crushed stone driveway, so I am going to do either or both of the above, just need the motivation which is lacking when there is no snow, but I'm not complaining!!!
Mad Mackie in CT :crazy: :mrgreen: :geek:
The 5/8ths mat I purchased @ TSC is dense heavy rubber that is extremely stiff, I left 3/4" "proud" and it doesn`t roll under one iota. JMO
I used the horse stall mat from tsc left 1" exposed it works great 1 year on the side now shows minimal wear and thats on asphalt and hard pack gravel
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