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Will it work?

Bought a holding valve off of a 646

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I bought this valve "assuming" that it would work. Now that i have found a holding valve manual, i see that there are different models. Seems to me that they would all work on the same principal, so should i go ahead and make up some lines to hook it up? Im hoping that it will work, i got it pretty cheap. Also, i anyone has pics of one intalled on a tractor plz post. I may end up using hydraulic hose, but i have some 5/8 .065 wall 316 seamless as work that i can get and i have found someone who can bend it for me. I havent been by there yet to see what the radius of the bends would be on there machine, but im betting its going to be too large.

O, i just realize i dont have my avatar done yet, this is for a 446-79 short wheelbase.
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The differences in the kits has to do with the lines between the travel valve and the holding valve. I know that one steel line is still available. Contact Brian and see which one. With luck, it would be the 180 line that joins the valve to the drive motor. The fitting that makes the other connection is something that should be available from a really good hydraulics shop.

You could then try to use some heat on your original steel lines and see if you can reshape them to work. Last resort would be hoses and fitting combos to keep the hoses straight because they will be too short to curve them. You must use 1/2" ID hose rated for 3000 PSI minimum.
Thanks for the heads up on the line being still available. The one that goes from the hv to the motor is still available and i have placed a order for one. Im not going to be messing with the original lines that were on the tractor, i may need to use them again some day. I have a company in town that we deal with called action rubber and gasket. I talked to one of the guys over there and he said they can bend and flare the 5/8 tubing for me. As soon as i get the parts from Brian and can get some measurements then i can come up with a plan from there on what to do about the other two lines.
I have a handful of 600 series lines and a hydraulic cylinder that I got with the engine I bought. I guess I should seee what I have and post up a few pics. Maybe someone here could use them. Thats my job tonight. Stay tuned...
If you're going to have someone make up tubes for you I suggest you take the tractor to them and make sure they get the tubes to fit properly before paying for them. Grummy had problems getting properly fitting tubes from a shop and ended up having to fit them himself.

Though I haven't done one of these retrofits my understanding is that you don't need to bend the old tubes very much so I think that may be the best approach. The tight bends in some of the tubes is not something every shop can do.

If Grummy went to a SHOP ?

What's the chances of a Backyard Case Repairman getting it right ?

I just looked at my pieces and can't see bending those myself.

Maybe it was on his Stretch Model and that made the difference .

Maybe Grummy will chime in :thumbsup:

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I bought a holding valve off a 200 and want to put it on my 600. Want to trade lines?
Welcome Chris,you should introduce yourself over in INTRODUCTIONS,and get a proper welcome.

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