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Box scraper build

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Hi all - as soon as the weather is warm enough to be out in my primitive shop, I'm going to build a box scraper for my 446. My question is how much weight can the 3 point legitimately handle ? I am picturing somewhere between 3 feet and 4 feet wide, but don't want to overwork the system.

I've seen 4 footers for sale that weighed around 275 pounds - is that an acceptable weight, or too much ?

Thanks for your input.
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I think that was Brain dealer that had some infomation on box blade and scrap blade. I do remember lift arm hookup to be inside box so get closer to tractor tires with weight. Box scraper always been my favorite emplement on catgory I tractors. Need one to lever foundation by new tractor house coming thrusday 13 th.
I think that should make a good solid scraper. When you lift it with the 3pth the front end may lift, especially on acceleration. Might want to check the scrap bin for some pieces to hang some weights off the nose to keep her down. With my tiller mounted on the back it is very light on the front without any extra weight.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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