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Since I had the tractor all apart and the grill - headlight mount looks shabby, I cleaned it up and repainted it.. But what about the Decal that's on that panel? I looked up the part number 321-2139 DECAL - "CASE" - Brushed Aluminum in the parts book and Googled that.. No luck.

I did a Google search for 'Brushed Aluminum Decals' and up pops: Case Decal / Sticker

Which is available in a bunch of colors, and also in Brushed Aluminum. And the 4 inch wide version of almost exactly the same size as the original.

I think it looks pretty darn good:

'course the rest of the tractor needs to be painted as well, but Its NOT a show pony..

You might be able to get a few pennies off on your order, they sent a card that says:
"10-60% off by using coupon code FAST"

My $.02, your Mileage may vary,
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