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With the question of searching CL came up, might also add that for those selling on CL, be really careful of the email replys you might get about your ad.

In just recently selling stuff on CL, I have some really blatant scams proposed but the really sneaky ones offer links to what appear to be the login to CL but they are not legit. This extends also to certain ad's placed were the only way to respond is by email esp for something that the price is too good be true, 9 out 10 times this is just a email harvest for a spam senders.

I had a intertaining one were the buyer wanted to buy my Onan engine, he was going to send me a bank draft and arrange to have it picked up (he couldn't met me in person, he was in Brazil). This scam usually involves receiving a legit looking bank draft for an extra padded amount that you send by Western Union to the shipper to pick up. By the time that draft bounces you have already sent the "extra" to the "shipper" and you bank hits you up for the entire amount.

(I'm a systems analyst in the internet security tech field and I warn all my users and customers to NEVER take for granted the things that fall into their inbox)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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