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Carb cleaning, any need to know info ??

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I ran my Ingy 446 out of gas and must have sucked some dirt into the carb as it ran great, now stumbles and sputters. Is there anything special about these carbs that I need to know before I take it off and apart ?

Thanks for help guys.
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How do you plan on cleaning it? They're a very simple carb with only a few pieces and parts.

My method is to take the carb completely apart and let it soak for 24-36 hours in a gallon of carb cleaner. You can usually buy it in a gallon container that looks like a paint can at an auto parts store.

Inside the can is a tray to set all your parts and pieces to soak. After they're done soaking I use a metal bread tie and peel back the paper on it revealing the thin wire and use it to chase any remaining gunk out of the passages being careful not to scratch them.

Reassemble with a new gasket and you're good to go.

Another thing is you're going to have the intake off so be sure you either have new gaskets on hand, or don't screw up the old ones to bad.
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