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Case 155 with hydraulic lift

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Guys, here is one I have never seen, nor heard of before. I was called by a guy that has a Case 155 with factory hydraulic lift for the deck. He wants $650 for it... It does have some minor engine trouble (his words). how rare is this tractor, and would my sleeve hitch fit up on this unit??? Having the Hy-lift would be nice when using the blower and tiller!!
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Bart said:
The 155s are the small wheel version of the 195 and share most of the same components. Since they were only made for a few years, 40 years ago, they aren't as plentiful as the 200/400 series models but they are not really rare. The hydraulic lift was an option that was not sold on many tractors so that is somewhat rarer.

I don't know what model tractor you are thinking of installing the sleeve hitch on but it won't fit any of the 200/400 models or later. It may fit on a 195 but if I had a 195 and just wanted a hydraulic lift I would move the hydraulics to the 195.

The asking price seems a bit high but it all depends on the condition of the tractor. These are mostly collectors items these days so something that is banged up and missing parts would be less valuable than one that is straight and solid.
Bart, I am sorry I didn't specify which one of my tractors.. I have a 68 155 (as seen in my avatar) this tractor is well optioned out, hydraulic pto, sleeve hitch, blower, Hi till, blade and deck.. I was wondering if a sleeve hitch from a non hydraulic lift 155 would switch over to a hydraulic lift 155..

That is what I thought... I may just decide to pass on it for a while and let the guy sit on it, I REALLY don't need another project right now.. :grin:
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