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Case 220 question

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Just recently experienced trouble ..I think with my clutch. When I engage my clutch to mow, the blade moves slowly and if I move the lever back and forth the blade engages and the rpms of the blade increases and I can cut my lawn, but it then suddenly stops and the rpms lower where it stops cutting. Is it my clutch? If so, are there repair kits sold or parts for this old case? I have attempted to adjust the belt tension but it doesn't help. Really love this old tractor but I really need it to work. Any help would be appreciated as cutting my large yard with a push mower is gonna send me to the ER..LOL
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I suggest you look through the tech section, the manual for your clutch is in there. The tech section is full of great information. Sounds like it might be a simple adjustment to the clutch. Also check the condition of the belt and belt tension.
Welcome to the forum. As already mentioned, we have an extensive Technical library at this site and if you click on the liink

viewtopic.php?f=25&t=629 you will be transported to the clutch section. Over the years, Case used several types of clutches but more than likely, you have the latest style called the EZ Adjust clutch. You will find several manuals in the clutch section that will help you determine which clutch you have and how to perform a clutch adjustment.

If you clutch disc is worn out, it can be replaced as a separate item. Unfortunately, we cannot be there to show you how to do this work. All we can do is to provide the Service Manual for the clutch, tell you where to buy parts if you need them and to help you understand better what you may not understand after reading the clutch manual carefully a few times.

Hang in there. You have a great tractor with a minor problem. There is a learning curve to the clutch adjustment but it can be mastered.
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micaseguy,I want to welcome you to the forum.

Maynard :canada:
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