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While there is no rule on this forum that requires me to comment on every listing posted on this board, this one has me between a rock and a hard place. WHY? ..

In spite of being a partner in this forum, I am still a member of GT Talk owned by George; someone that Jack and I consider a friend. The owner of the tractors in that listing is also a member of George's site and for my own reasons, I chose to not opine on values in the GT Talk thread he started. I don't know if he has joined here or not and that poses a problem for me too.

However, he has put what owns out there in the public eye and now that listing has landed here.

Case Model 222-76 all hydraulic drive garden tractor (Serial Number 9723458)
Kohler 12HP (K-301) engine rebuilt in 2009. New starter/generator and battery. Has Case mid-mount mower deck with hydraulic lift. PTO kit. Sleeve hitch for pulling trailer or roller or whatever.

Also has a Case 42" Hydraulic drive rototiller. Model Number J-70 76, Serial Number M 41945.

Tractor is strong runner in good condition. I have used this unit for almost 10 years to till my garden and do general yard work. I am only offering it up for sale because I purchased a new Massey Ferguson subcompact and no longer need it. I have always stored this unit indoors.

This is a really nice looking unit considering its age. Cosmetics are good but it needs a seat badly. For sure, the PTO kit and the sleeve hitch are desirable options for some owners but if all you want to do is cut grass, then those items and the tiller have no value. This is the problem that Sellers have when selling an option-out tractor. The Seller asked for opinions on values before he created the listing. Most of those opinions came from people that apparently do not own a Case. But, even though their valuations seemed to be on the high side of the scale, there was no allowance made for the fact that the items were not being sold on an individual basis.

Packages invariably sell for much less than the total of their individual parts. If that was not a true statement, then people like Joe Hemmi (Joe's Outdoor Power) and other GT/LT recyclers would not exist because there would no profit to take tractors apart and sell them off piece by piece. Owners are entitled to sell what they have as a package deal or to try for the long-buck by taking off PTO's and hitches in order to sell them individually This Seller chose to go the package route. He cannot expect to get $200.00 for the PTO, $400.00 for the tiller, $200.00 for the hitch and $600.00 for the tractor with deck. It just doesn't work that way. I'd value the above at $800.00 plus or minus

I am always troubled when I see the term "engine rebuilt". Really? OK. what was done? Do you have all the invoices to prove the following:

- blocked bored and decked

- head resurfaced

- new piston, rings, wrist pin, connecting rod, seals, gaskets, crank end bearings, balance gears, camshaft profiled, crankshaft turned, valve springs replaced, valve guides replaced, valve seats replaced, carb throttle shaft replaced and bushings installed etc etc etc.????

Some guys think that a new set of rings and a head gasket means they can say the engine has been rebuilt. Now...I'm not saying that this Seller only did the rings. I'm saying that a Buyer needs to ask and a Seller needs to willingly ante up the documents to back up his statements.

Additional Items included in the offer are as follows.

Case Model 222 Garden Tractor (Serial Number 9781663) I purchased for a parts machine. I have only taken the pump off of it, other pump needs new seal. Unit also has mid-mount mower deck. I think the engine on it runs as well.

Once again, the wording troubles me. Don't tell me "I think the engine runs." That means nothing. As a parts tractor, what he has is worth $100.00 tops. He doesn't know if the engine runs and he can't be bothered to find out. It has a missing spindle and he can't be bothered to go buy one off e-bay and put it on. It isn't even a good donor tractor for the 76 because of the age difference. Forget about putting a seal in the pump. That's a waste of time.

I have all service and parts manuals on PDF and printed out

That's nice but no real value money-wise. All of that is available free on the internet.

I have a bunch of other misc parts I bought on ebay for it too. People routinly disassemble these and sell them parted out on ebay. All parts are readily available new as well.

Price $1500 OBO. Kinda crazy, that will barely cover the cost of a 48" 3pt mounted tiller for my new tractor!

I wanted to get this out there so someone would be able to have it for the spring. Garden season is right around the corner!!!!

The fact that his asking price for the package is about equal to the price of a new tiller isn't germane to anything. That's like saying "The $2000.00 asking price for my old Ford F-150 won't even pay for the 4 hubcaps on the Rolls-Royce I bought." True.. but no one said you had to buy that new tractor or the Rolls. That was a decision that you made. The value of your used tractor and pick up truck are what they are.

If the Seller finds my opinion offensive, then perhaps he should stop listening to some of the members of GT Talk who are responsible for giving him those inflated figures.

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I know this is an old post, but I responding nonetheless, and will accept any and all retributions, lol. I appreciate Tom's honesty and his ability and right to speak freely in a forum, I was either banned or asked to leave for just such statements on two other forums. If we cant be honest what good is a forum.
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