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Case 222 gear drive - 3spd?

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Is this a one of a kind or do you think they just swapped a hood out? It's been listed for a couple weeks so if it is you guys out east are slipping.
He's got another listing for a different 222 and wants a Case tiller so you would think he might have a clue. The pics in that listing show at least a couple other tractors.

delaware craigslist > for sale / wanted > farm & garden

case 222 gear drive - 3spd - $495 (lincoln del)
Date: 2011-01-18, 9:39AM EST

solid case 222. includes 13hp intek engine to install as motor is gone. motor mounts included. tractor and motor only. cash only at pickup. lincoln del. can deliver for $1/ tolls. call for more info 757-773-8105 (sideshaft motor only $295. tractor pictured is not tractor for sale. only shown so you know what it looks like.
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No we're not slipping...$500 for a tractor with no engine?, only an intek....(Briggs??) that you
can (make work somehow) install? :headscratcher: I'll pass.
Oh, yeah.
I got you now. :thumbsup:
I think its a 210 with the wrong hood (same thought you had, right?) and no motor.
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