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case 222 mower deck opinions

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i have a case 222 that currently has a j44 deck on it. Deck is in good shape and solid, no issues. I am moving to a house that has a bit less property for me to maintain. ( still big enough to warrant tractor use though!). So, I would like anybody's opinion who have used the j44 44" deck as well as a j40 38" deck. How do they compare/contrast each other. Obviously size is different. Maybe I am overthinking this, and probably am. However since acquiring my tractor I seem to do an abundance of thinking about it and what I can do to make improvements. Having read a lot of posts here it seems that I am not alone in this. Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated
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Yah.... you're over-thinking it .....big time.

The size of a deck is most often determined by the obstacles you face on a given piece of property. If your tractor and the 44" deck will pass through fence gates and between trees, shrubs, garden beds and so forth , then that's all that really matters. All Case decks cut really well providing they are set up properly.
Ken: I use an N44 deck on a small property in New York. No worries. It gets cut quick. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
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