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Who are you asking? :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:

If it IS a 442, then it is NOT a 1979.

It would be a 1971.

That's the final year for 442's and the only one with Snap Fast for that H-blade parked on the front of it.

What troubles me is the "new headlights" statement. This would have had Speaker 777's in it originally so why would you remove those? In my opinion, he just lessened the value of the tractor unless he put new 777's into it again.

If it has the Speaker triple 7's, then the asking price is not all that out of line. From a collector POV, the 442's were only made for 3 years. I would deem the first year (PK model) and the last year as the most desirable for those reasons. In the not too distant future, the 442's will be considered to be "rare" and quite sought after as a "missing link" in collections.

Aside from the tractor, there is value in the new 4 link chains and the blade. Those could be used on any "work tractor" you have and the 442 could be restored for show purposes.

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Looks like someone stuffed another one of those bugeyed walmart halogen driving lights in there.
I see two screws on front that dont belong (no doubt the ones through the sheet metal holding the lights in) :eh:
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