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If the Onan is a smoke-free strong runner, then the price is reasonable.

There's different ways of looking at any package to determine value but one way is what I call the "subtraction method"

Asking price $1200.00

Complete cab in good shape - subtract $300.00

Wheel weights - subtract $100.00

Half decent blade badly in need of paint and maybe an edge - $200.00

Chains - subtract another $40.00

Tractor with deck has to be worth $560.00 if there are no issues.

BTW....this appears to be a 1984 Black Frame model and to me....and some others.... that fact makes it even more appealing. IMO.... these are destined to be a highly sought after collector model in the near future.

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Greg said:
I emailed him to get more info on it and I decided that another tractor wouldnt hurt... Especially with the plow and cab one to mow and the other I am rebuilding would be the work horse...

NEED TO CONVINCE THE WIFE.......... :wife:
If you buy the package, I would be willing to lighten the cost for you and purchase the cab. Just a thought and a sincere jesture.

Fort Kent is a long drive, but I've been there snowmobiling in the past. Let me know if you are interested.

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Thanks Tom
I always look at if there are willing to take trades... That throws up a flag for me.. I possibly would pay 800 to 900 for it.. It would be worth it for me because I need a mower anyways and I want to make my other tractor the workhorse.. Tiller,blower, and loader etc..

Plow the small storm and blow the big ones... Cool...


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