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My guess is that belt is rubbing on the edge of the flat pulley which is the spring tensioned one. Either upon entry onto the pulley , or when exiting the pulley. some tweaking on the arm the pulley is attached to may fix it.
I had trouble with my belt coming off last year. Played with different belt lengths and tweaking things and got it working good. Belt has not come off since. Can’t remember the belt length I finally used for sure, but I think 81”. Blue belt like the one in your picture, and it would be 1/2” belt. Just bought it a box store. Second season for it. Was use a lot the first season, only used three times or so this season so far. But still works good. Doesn’t come off.

I second that notion. I went through a few belts before I realized they were riding hard on the edge of the flat pulley. I spent a little time bending and twisting the idler arm until it ran true while spinning the auger by hand. Make your adjustments to the arm in small increments because they make a big difference.
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