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Case Garden Tractor C-50 Dump Cart

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Do any of you have one of these in your stable?

I think it was sold as the C-50 Dump Cart?

I saw this one on eBay last month.

Are these things generally considered to be made out of unobtanium.


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My buddy Jason Kozlowski had two in his auction two years back and that's after he sold one to Steve Guider along with a Snowco trailer. The one you saw on e-Bay did not sell the first time out and I don't know if he re-listed it or not. My site partner Jack has one done in Colt colors that he's going to restore.

They are a well-made unit and should be considered a collector item now. But few collectors will pay large coin for them because they are a bit of pain to haul to shows. They're sort of a novelty item like the later cart with the Conestoga kit on them.
The seller of the cart listed on eBay last month indicated to me that it was no longer available.

I liked the size and paint scheme.


That means..... no one bid but he got offers for less than his opening bid price and he's now decided to keep the cart. :trink:
No ,I have not got one myself.

Maynard :canada:
I'm glad to here that you have not rushed out to buy one.

That would be "putting the cart before the horse..........power" and we can't have that. :thumbsup:
I've been watching for them myself and if I run across one nearby I may just go for it.
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