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I'm looking at an Ingersol 446 ( no Case insignia that I can see unless it fell off etc ) I'm planning on using it as a snowblower and pulling logs on a trailer mainly. It does have a mower deck that was quoted as being 40 inches.

1. Will any snowcaster work on this unit ?
2. Since it has 446 on it, is it one of the older ones ?
3. Is the deck size normal for a 446 ? Seems a bit small..

** I have a 220 Case. If the 446 works as well it may replace my tired D-180 Wheelhorse as my favorite tractor. The pulling power on the 220 is amazing for a 10 hp unit.

Thanks for any info


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446 models were made by Case and later on by Ingersoll until 1988. Whatever name you have on this tractor really does not matter.

Since 1971, these tractors have used the spring loaded pins on the front of the frame rails (Snap Fast) to mount snow blowers, mower decks and utility blades. Snow blowers for the 400 Series tractors should be 48" wide and they model number should begin with a LETTER (H, j, K, L, M etc) and end with the numbers 84 as in J-84. You CANNOT use a SB-48 Series snowcaster on the 400 Series because all SB Series are designed for the 3000 and 4000 Series Ingersoll tractors.

Between 1971 and 1979, there were 2 deck sizes for the 400 Series tractors. The 44 and the 48. In late 1979, the 400 Series tractors had 2 inches added to the wheelbase to allow the new 60" deck to be used. If your tractor says Ingersoll on it anywhere, then it can take the 60" deck. There is a smaller (Model 40 ) deck that is 38" cut width that will FIT on a 400 but it is not recommended for use because of it being too narrow. The smallest deck normally found on a 400 is the 44" cut width. The model 40 deck would be fine for your 220 and so would the 44" deck. The only difference is the two deck lift straps that connect to the tractors lifting mechanism. The 200 Series use short ones compared to the longer ones used on 400 Series.

As an aside..... your post is fine but it belongs in the main forum because it is not actually related to restoration procedures. When you see this message and reply to it, I will move this thread to the main forum. If you check at the top of each forum, you will find a "Read me first" STICKY that explains what each forum is for.
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