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Case/Ingersoll 3pt hitch lift capacity

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Wondering what the weight limit is on the 3pt on my 6018??? Seems to have no problem lifting the whole tractor off the ground even with the tires loaded, just thinking about building a log skidding attachment for the 3pt and just curious if anyone knows the true capacity of the 3 pts on our tractors, seem to be built stronger then most other cat 0 lifts
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You can't really give a figure in LBS because leverage is a huge factor. The hitch has a center-line which is the ball swivel at the end of the lower arms. If you hung a rectangular weight directly below that center-line that weighed 500 LBS, it is my belief the hitch would pick it up as long as the front of the tractor had sufficient counter-weighting to keep the front wheels on the ground. Now if you remove that rectangular weight from the 3 point, turn it 90 degrees and ask the hitch to pick it up again but from one end, I don't believe it would do it. Same weight........but the leverage factor makes it seem much heavier.

When lifting your tractor, there is no weight behind the center-line. It's all in front of it and that makes the hitch appear stronger than it truly is because the leverage factor is now working in reverse.
If you find that your tractor's 3pt won't pack the logs you want to move, google "logging arch". Build one about three times taller and wider than the overall diameter of your largest log, attach a hand-crank winch to the top and an appropriate sized pair of log tongs to the winch cable. This will keep all the weight off your tractor and should give you more lifting capacity than your 3pt. You could even put a hyd. motor on your arch, use it to drive the winch, maybe even with a long enough cable to drag logs out of the woods. Check out the thread about wood splitters, chippers, and timber harvest. Lots of pics and other ideas there too.

Whatever you do end up building...can you keep us updated? I am interested in building some kind of log lift for my 6018 too.
Try asking member Hops_Farmer for input, he made and used a 3 point hitch log grapple, but I believe he sold it. Pics in this thread.
The grapple came with the tractor package Hops purchased. I don't know if it was home made or a factory unit. He liked it though.
Ahhh, I sorta remember him saying it was home made but I assumed he made it. :oops:
No matter, Bill. Hops can sort us both out if he drops by.
It'll lift enough to get you in trouble if you don't counter weight somehow. My 224 with just a sleave hitch could lift the rear end of my Sears Suburban off the ground without flinching and that's no where near the machine you have. The Sears was weighted down with around 350 lbs not including the weight of the tractor. I know your tractor can do the work, you will just need to figure out good weight balance. Cheers to your success!
I didn't make it. Parts of it look homemade, and other parts look laser cut. I think whoever made it it had a CNC machine at their disposal. Then they cut out that H with a plasma cutter and ruined clean look. It's rugged though.
One of the ingersoll brochures gives the lift capacity of the hh34 at the lift ends of 600 lbs. Ive also heard 450 lbs. 12" back is standard for a cat 0 hitch. Id figure 400 anyway, maybe put some weight in the bucket if need be :thumbsup:
Just realized how old the thread was. Hope this info helps anyway
Maybe this will help someone else some day. 100 years from now. That is if they keep up the server bill.
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