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Case Neon Sign at Auction on Sat Jan. 15th. updated info

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I had this posted in the for sale/trade section,,, but after further review of the rules, I believe I was out of compliance.
It's a commercial add, I don't personally own the item.. I am not associated with the auction house.
So here it is in what I trust is the proper location. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I posted this auction notice in another site earlier in the week, and wanted to share it with anyone here who hadn't seen it.

It is for a Case Neon Sign - Eagle.

I'll be out of town next week and unable to attend. Hopefully one of you may be able to go and add this to your collection.

I sure hope I did this "attachment" correctly?


I called the auction house today to see when the neon sign will sell?

They said it should sell on Saturday between 11am and 1pm. He said it's plugged in and working fine.

Since I'll be available now on Saturday,,,,, I may go to the auction and see what the outcome is??

Lyle Chupp said they have numerous signs that will be selling both days, including a Metal Case Sign with Eagle on the Earth that says established 1842.

I believe the second sign looks like this one -

Here is a link to the auctioneers with additional information on what will be offered.

?Do the links to the pictures and the web address work for anyone?
Best Regards,

Kevin B.
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This stuff is best left to the collectors in the group, unless that sign can plow snow, cut grass, or work up a garden, it is pretty much useless to me.
Good luck with it though, but I would rather spend my money on something a bit more practical.
If you go to the sale let us know what these signs bring. I have collected a few thru the years but still like to keep up on what the economy is doing to the prices of thing like this. Keep us posted. Thanks Gerald
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