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Case paint codes at NAPA

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In trying to find better paint for my tractors I found that most of the listed paint codes do not exist or are simply wrong. After much phone time with a couple of very helpful automotive paint dealers here are the right codes for Martin Senour/NAPA and Sherwin Williams.For some reason the Dupont dealer was no don't exist.These are acrylic enamel systems with reducer and hardener.Far superior compared to Case Irongard alkyd enamel by Valspar if you are spraying IMHO.Power Red is 4690754 in MS;6678 in SW. Power White is 1801598 in MS; 9418 in SW. Desert Sunset is 4703737 in MS; 3605 in SW. CrossFire 53 @ NAPA is around $37 per QT. in red, less for the light colors.It is mixed in a 8/4/1 ratio. Sherwin Williams is 10% more. Case is $22.35 per qt. in my area. I hope this helps out anyone who is thinking about spraying their tractors. :thumbsup:
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Hey "Lebowski" :mrgreen: ,that's helpful info. If money isn't an issue,than I would go with base clear.It gives you a far better end finish.

Maynard :canada:
Mr onetwo said:
That's "BIG" Lebowski to you, sir :gums: When I go visit the paint guy I will check out the base/clear version of the NAPA paint and relay the prices. Take care :thumbsup:

Maynard :canada:
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