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CaseRacers 130 Restoration / Customization

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I posted some of our Racing Mowers a while back and mentioned that my next project was a 130 "Pit Support" tractor. Some folks in racing use ATV's and others have golf carts. I thought it would only be right for "Hard Case Racing" to use a Case Garden Tractor for ours. This is a Restoration / Customization project. I bought a very sad looking 130 a couple years back and have been collecting parts for the project since. The engine was locked up, the frame and front axle were broken, and all the lift and PTO system was missing. The sheet metal was mostly there but needed a lot of attention. Here are some pics of the before and where it sits now. I had a K341 in my shed so it was used for the current build but later I will rebuild the original engine if possible. I will be mouting the engine this weekend and try to get the wiring complete. The sheet metal will take some time but I'll post them when they are complete.


Under ConstructionThe roller

The K341 Ready to bolt in

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Lookin' good! :thumbsup: Those rear tires look awesome.
I can't wait to see it completed. :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing, I hope you realize your racing team has a fan club right here.
Very nice. Not only did you save that GT, but you made it into something awesome!
:usa: :usa: :usa: Can't wait to see it finished!
:trink: :trink: :trink:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Looking great!! cant wait to see the finished product!!
That's gonna be sweet! Isn't it amazing how much better Case GTs look with their wheels 2-toned like on their bigger brothers? I've only seen a few done that way but if I were doing a custom project I'd definitely go that route.
I have to wonder whether the 341 is taller than the former 10 hp engine. I don't know what sheet metal issues you have but you should know this. Reproduction hoods, grille side panels and dash side panels are available from Steve Guider. Steve is a member here and goes under Horton20. If you wish to have his phone number, send me a PM.

Other than that, congrats and rescuing a 130 from almost sure death. I trust that you realize that the parts manual for that model is sitting in our Tech Section.
Thanks for the compliments Guys! The 341 is very close to the same as the 241. I had the engine on and running and drove her around for a while and everything including the original gas tank fit the bigger engine. I have a hood coming from Steve for it and I fabricated new side panels using the old ones for patterns. It has been slow going but I'm happy with the results so far.

Jack Jones
I got the engine mounted this weekend. My new hood arrived today. If you haven't seen the work Steve Guider does on these things you've got to check it out. I couldn't wait to mock-up the sheet metal before starting the primer work.

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Jack Looks great! :thumbsup: Nice hood by Steve. Work to be proud of. :usa: :usa: :usa:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Looks great!! What rear tire/size did you use and are they mounted onto the stock 130 rims? I want to get some of those they look good on it!
The rear tires are 23 x 10.50 - 12 Hi Run Tires from Tractor Supply. I switched the hubs to 5 lugs and used a set of 8-1/2" wide rims.
Would you care to tell the members what you did to switch the hubs? Many of them do not realize that Case used 4 bolt wheels in the early days, as did Colt.
As you can see in the before pics, when I bought it someone had put trailer wheels and tires on it so I wanted to upgrade to Ag Tires. The original hubs are removable with a set screw. The axles are 1" with a 1/4" keyway. I found a set of hubs and rims on an older Craftsman GT with the big hydro rear and they just slide right in place. We do have a nice set of 130 rear rims off another tractor with new original style Firestone Turf tires if anyones looking for a set. I was planning to list them in the for sale section.
Just got the sheet metal on and took a few shots. Got alot of details left but getting closer.

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I'm sitting here trying to think what to say. I'll just go with "That machine is beautiful".
Jack Looks awesome!!!!! :usa: :usa: :usa: :usa:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
I am glad you found this group!
That is one sweet resto-mod.
:thumbup: to the 9th power (that thing is exponentially cool)
Wow! That will be a definite attention-getter in the pits. Very tastefully-done resto-mod. :thumbup:
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