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Hi Friends,

I recently joined this forum due to acquiring a Case 446. Since this is an introduction to y'all, allow me to give you the full story...

I am (perhaps was) a John Deere guy through and through. My Dad worked as an engineer for John Deere out in Moline, Illinois in the late 60's through the 70's. He got tired of the politics, and went back to the family farm in Indiana. I enjoyed running around the farm with Dad, and he was good at teaching me machinery and equipment - occasionally with a rare glimpse into the inner engineering workings of a particular component.

I pulled out Grandpa's old John Deere model "A" in high school, and spent a couple of summers restoring it. I liked that so much, I continued on with a John Deere model "H", model "B", and the unusual model "LA". My hobby turned from old 2 cylinder tractors to lawn mowers when I moved onto a 3 acre plot of grass. I was given a John Deere 316 that had an Onan with a blown rod. A couple of hundred bucks later, it runs like a champ. Onans are awesome. I thought that unit would be all I ever wanted.

Well, not too long ago, my old neighbor waltzes over to my barn and asks me if I have any interest in his old tractor that's been sitting in his barn for a few years. He said it was a Case tractor. After he uttered the magical word "Free", I promptly say "Sure!". So, a weekend or two ago, I pulled it on over to my barn. I ended up getting the 446 tractor complete with tire chains, snow blade, and mower deck (although the mower deck is still in his barn due to a family of skunks that call it home). A little research shows this is 1976 vintage.

Neighbor says last time he ran this 446 was 8 to 10 years ago. When he parked it, he said it had troubles staying running. My initial inspection sees a few obvious things wrong. A spark plug wire is laying on across the exhaust pipe, and is burned through to the core. A wire on the coil is bare and is touching the engine tin. The throttle linkage appears very loose. Points are gapped at about 0.015. So, I think there's a few easy things to correct before I even attempt a turn of the key.

That's the scoop, friends. I think I'll take this project nice and slow, and try to get this old Onan running for now. Perhaps down the road when my boys are able to help out, I'll work on the cosmetics.


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Dan: That's an interesting story. The John Deere LA is pretty neat. Please feel at home on the site, we have a great membership here, many friendly, helpful and knowledgeable folks. We have a very comprehensive a Technical Library and list of FAQs.
I would recommend you head over to the Onan sub-forum and post to get some fed back before firing that Onan up since its been sitting for so long, just to be safe. Glad your here and look forward to talking on site! :thumbsup: :usa: :usa: :usa:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
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