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Greetings All,

Just got the email and joined up! I don't own a Case Colt Ingersoll but as a kid I spent many of my Saturday hours steering what I think was a Case 130 around my church's lawn and cemetery. If I remember correctly it had a 10 hp Kohler and a 44" mower deck. It was a good tractor but I think a little under powered for that size of mower. My dad ended up trading it in on a IH Cub Cadet 149 (which I now own) and I think the only reason he didn't get another Case was because the local Case dealer had gone out of business. I always have my eyes open for an old Case but they are more rare than the early IH Cub Cadet's in my area. :sad:

Enough rambling, good to be here!


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Good to meet you Ray, I have the same problem, Louisville Ky is 80 miles down the road (where they were born) and all over these parts are tons and tons of Cubs but very few Case's.

Here's hoping you find one in your neck of the woods very soon. Welcome aboard!!!
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