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Two years ago when I attended the Case Nuts show at Camp Oakdale Master Mechanic Mad Mackie was kind enough to share his incredible knowledge about small engines and give us a course on engine preventive maintenance and other important issues. He stressed the importance of not allowing carbon to build up in the Onan motors. Ever since I have been using Valve Tech gas additive in my GTs and now my loader.

In addition to the physical removal of carbon by breaking the engine down, he provided us with a chemical method. Today I used that method, using Valve Tech Marine Motor De-Carb.

I kept the CCKA engine in my 646 at a high idle and sprayed the ValveTech into the carb careful not to stall the engine. I then let it sit for 15 minutes and then restarted. The instructions said to use the whole can but I used half or less. I am assuming this is typically used in larger engines such as 20 to 150HP outboards both two and four stroke.

At this time, I am not in a position yet to break this whole tractor down. I assume 0 maintenance by PO based on my experience with the tractor so far. The engine seems to be a little more happy, seems to be running very strong after this treatment. I am going to keep chipping away at this tractor until I get everything right.

:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich


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Ah !!

Another Mechanic in a Can :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:

I like how they promote ValveTech ! good for 2 cycle engines ? :headscratcher: :sidelaugh:

Everybody has there own success stories about some Wonder Spray. :thumbsup:

I have a large collection of Half Cans. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:


Did it improve your time trials ? :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:
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