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Chrome wheel hubcaps

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In all the manuals from late 60's to the late 70's Case GT's I keep seeing the chrome wheel "moon" hubcaps but in all the restore pictures, I have yet to see any in current use.

Are there some still out there or are they something that has never been reproduced or included in restore projects?

I take it they were something that never lasted since I have seen only a couple current GT's that were for sale but they were rusted and dull looking.

As precise as some are to restoring, I would have thought I would have seen more.
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The chrome hubcaps were an OPTION and only on the Lo Pro models with certain rims and only during the Sunset years. They go back to 1966. Many of them just rotted off the rims. I have a 130 awaiting restoration and there isn't enough left of the two rear caps to make up one hubcap. The fronts are long gone.

I know that Deere and Cub Cadet also used them and it would surprise me if the design was the same. Therefore, I suspect that aftermarket caps are now available but I also imagine that the price might make you pause. I've never pursued trying to find them but perhaps oldcasecoltguy or horton20 have some thoughts on this since they have produced several aftermarket Case items on their own.
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