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Was wondering whether anyone has been able to retrofit the older style PTO clutch on a Onan engine that originally had the electronic? Not sure whether this is possible since the engine rotates in reverse for the models made after 89. I see the linkages go for cheap on ebay all the time, just wondering how much would be involved. If someone has been able to do this some pics would be great.



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I'm not going to say that it's impossible because I suppose that it could be done.

But here's the problem that perhaps you are not aware of. The post 88 four-digit tractors have the crankshaft stub facing the oil cooler and the electric clutch resides on that crank stub. The earlier tractors had a stub that was bolted to the engine flywheel and the clutch rode on that stub. One would have to machine the crankshaft output stub to accept the earlier clutch parts. The stub would have to be bored and tapped so that a threaded rod could be inserted so that the EZ adjust nut could be installed, along with being able to secure the cooling fan.

In addition, the tractor frame would have to be drilled to allow the clutch actuating lever to be installed on the left side of the dash tower and then the linkage would be needed to reach the clutch throw-out fork. I don't know if that would be possible to do because that area under the battery now has the oil cooler in it. Space is at a premium. Personally, I don't believe that the procedure is feasible but it's an interesting thought to bring to the table for discussion.
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