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Collectors Belt Buckle?

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Anyone seen one of these? I couldn't find anything like it by googling the internet. It's made by Hoover's Mfg in Peru IL, I did find them, they make military pins, belt buckles and such. I have seen a lot of tractor belt buckles but this was the first Case garden tractor belt buckle I have EVER seen. Doesn't appear to be have been worn, it's a little dirty if anything and the detail is impressive.

Saw it last week at a guy's business that that sell's "stuff" were I picked a wheel cart for the 446, on my travels today I stopped back by and bought it.

Anyone want to put a value on it? I'm not a belt buckle kind of guy but while I won't wear it thought it was different but I'm also thinking about putting it on ebay just to see how much it might go for.

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Case put out quite a few belt buckles but mostly for their other items. I don't recall seeing that buckle previously but I do own a buckle with a Case GT on it. Moat of the time, Case buckles bring around $30.00 on e-Bay but as always, they can sell for substantially less.
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