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I was just chatting with Kate via e-mail and she advised that the Nov/Dec issue of LAGT was mailed out last Friday. So....keep your eyes peeled for it. There is going to be a fantastic article on Roy and Betty Stewardson's amazing collection of WheelHorse tractors and related items. I will put a piece in the Off Topic section about this because it is not about Case GT's. Just the same, WheelHorse turned out some truly beautiful machines in their day and the legacy pre-dates Colt by more than a decade. It's a shame that it is now essentially gone.

I spoke with Roy this afternoon and I must find the time to make the trek to his place but he's 3 1/4 hours west of where I live.

Kate did not mention it but it's my understanding that Randy's (99flr) essay should be in this issue too.
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