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Have an RM deck that I run without the covers, have an N deck with the guards in place.
Blow them both off after mowing. Removed the N today to fit the blade, removed the cover and it`s jam packed with grass. Leaving out the "safety" issue it would seem that the RM is clean at the start of every mowing session and the N only at the start of every mowing SEASON.
what`s your opinion ? :wave:

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Cutting grass is a messy business.

The covers are there because people can be careless or carefree. When you go back to the mid-60's when Case first bought Colt, the decks had "shorty covers" over the outboard blade pulleys. The 130/180 did not have a Parking Brake. Safety switches were minimal and exhaust systems were totally exposed. Lawsuits changed all of that. Companies created a new department known as "risk assessment and management" but in spite of all these changes, lawyers continue to sue companies and argue that they "coulda, shoulda, woulda" and because they didn't, their client is entitled to millions.

Other than the safety issue, there's no pressing need for the covers to be in place although the deck looks nicer with them there. The only problem with removing them is that YOU now assume total liability for any personal injuries that would have been prevented had the covers been in place.

So no....I can't leave out the safety issue because it goes hand in hand with the existence of the covers. To cover or not to cover.........that is the question. But if you decide to NOT cover, then please........tuck those covers away in a nice, safe, dry area of your garage and leave the bolts screwed into the deck.

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I trimmed off about half of the end bent pieces on the cover (N46) deck so it would let the grass have a place to exit from when I used a long stem blow gun into the gap around the center pulley in the cover. I no longer have the 448/N46 but I ran it for 1,000 hours commercially. I had thought that making a 1 1/2" diameter hole directly above the outboard spindles would be good and make blowing out the grass easier. I have serviced several commercial units with access holes directly above the outboard spindles and it is easy to stick the blow gun into these areas to clean out the crap.
Mad Mackie in CT :mrgreen: :mowlawn:
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