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Deck pulleys - removal and pulley style

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The post Hydriv quoted regarding a broken spindle reminded me to ask this.

I was parting a deck to send that gentleman a spindle assembly and it came apart easier than any I've done. And, I chose the least attractive deck I have in stock to part, surface rust, etc.

But, it had a pulley type I've only seen on a few: the pulley hub has a groove around it that accepts a bearing separator. This makes pulling them much easier. Apparently the previous owner had replaced the bearings fairly recently, as the pulleys slid right off with the puller/splitter arrangement.

Now my question (finally), when did Case use these pulleys? and, why oh why did they stop?!!!
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The original Case pulleys did not have the groove and the early Ingersoll pulleys did not either. The Ingersoll supplied replacements have the groove.
Folks that use never-seize on the spindles seldom need a puller to remove the pulleys.
Bob MacGregor in CT :mrgreen: :mowlawn:
Ah, that explains why this sorry lookin' deck was so good mechanically. Looks like bearings, pulleys etc are replacements.
I guess you won't be sending those parts out. :sidelaugh:

You'll have to pick one of the other decks that look a bit better but still have OEM pulleys etc in place. :thumbsup:
Nah, he gets the good ones. But I'll still have one outer and the center set.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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