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Hi all,
I am repowering my 446 with a B48G I picked up...(really nice shape) (off a Sears GT 19.9)
Other than swapping out oil pan, flywheel, covers, and needing to trim output shaft,
I was wondering if any of you knew what the difference in the fourth letter meant?
All I found online is that it pertained to duty cycle. G meaning generator and M meaning mower?
Is that right? It was originally on a Sears mower...
Just curious...
Andy :usa:

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can you post a pic. of your tractor, and or the s.n.? (located on the cowl)
than i can advise which carb. to use.

as to the B48G (the G has NOTHING to do with a gen. set)
here are just a few of the applications.
gravely, roper/sears, deere,steiner,
miller, toro,cub,cadet,jacobsen.
i currently have a B48G short block in my 82 448.
thank you. boomer (the used onan engine parts guy

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The SN is 9770461, and I have the original engine from it.
The original 16hp Onan was knocking real bad, so I tore it apart to see what it would cost to fix. It had great compression at 120 lbs per cylinder, but the main bearing, flywheel side was worn really bad, the rod bearings were worn as well. So I basically needed a new or re-ground crank, main bearings, and connecting rods.
Long story short, the 19.9 filled my order without the hassle. But I will be on the lookout for the parts I need in the meantime.

I was just going to fire up the 48g as is, with the carb that came with it. Why do you suggest I change it out?
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