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Disected my mower deck.

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The deck I received with the tractor I bought didn't have movable blades when I got it. So today I flipped the thing over and gave the blades a good crank. I got them to turn but there was bailing twin sticking out of one of them. Since I wasn't going to use this for mowing I really didn't care if it worked or not. But while waiting for the motor to get done I needed something to do. I took the covers off to see what the belt and pulleys looked like. They were packed with grease and grass. After getting the grass out and the belt off I found the center spindel spun great and the one with the bailing twine in it had a tight spot and the other was tight all the way around. I bought a gear puller and took off the pullys and dropped the spindels out. The one with the bailing twine was packed full and the other side had a plastic rope wound into it that melted and formed a soild block in the spindel covers. I cleaned the junk out and reinstalled everyting and they work great. The blades look like they were used to grind concrete. So if I invest about a hundred in new blades and belts it should run like new. Now I have nothing to do again.
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animalsonly said:
Now I have nothing to do again.
That's when I start to drive my wife crazy....... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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