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e-Bay has put me in a crusty mood. X-rated

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Here are some examples. ... 500wt_1413

My opinion... This is a stupid price to pay for TWO wheel weights. A true D-8 wheel weight kit consisted of FOUR weights. What the hell do you think two 20 LB weights are going to do for you? Spend some money and fill your tires with Rimguard for HALF the price of those weights and get 3 times the weight. ... 500wt_1180

Dear Seller of this rear PTO. Did your mommy drop you on your head when you were a child? Why would I buy this totally stripped out POS from you? It did not look like this when you removed it from the tractor you destroyed. At one time the bolts that held the valve to the mounting plate were there. The hydraulic lines that connected the valve to the tractor were there. The quick couplers and hose to connect attachments were there. Apparently, you don't have a clue as to what the meaning of a PTO KIT is or..... greed has set in to the point where you want to sell the air out of the tires as a separate item too. ... 500wt_1180

Same Seller. Have you put this pump on a proper FLOW BENCH to make sure that it puts out the GPM and pressure that it did when it was new? I sincerely doubt that. For all you know, this pump won't even power a rototiller and may be only a couple hundred hours away from being junk. And yet. you have the balls to ask $90.00 for it. ... 1242wt_907

This guy should be strung up by his testicles using barbed wire for suggesting that his seat belongs on any product produced by Case. Need I say more? ... 500wt_1413

Two guys need to take turns bytch-slapping this guy for asking $1200.00 for a $200.00 tractor. Parts are missing such as the grille side panels, the correct seat, the air cleaner and steering wheel cap. I think that the front rims may be wrong and is that a muffler or a converted mail box on the front-right side of the tractor? ... 500wt_1413

Now.... here's a deal for somebody.. There are a few good Sellers on e-Bay.
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Even Joe Hemmi, a guy that I like and have done business with many times in the past, is also guilty of the same sort of absurdity. Give me a break... $130.00 for a well-used pump?? I can buy a new one for $90.00 more so why would I want to take a chance on this piece of unknown crap? ... 2ebaa8b334

And is this old plastic fan actually worth $15.00 when a new one can be bought for perhaps ten bucks more? These fans get BRITTLE with age and you often have to bend the blades a bit while installing and removing drive belts. Why bother with junk? Buy a new fan. In the long run. it's cheaper. ... 027wt_1398

We have seen the price of these bounce around for several years now. At one time, they actually went for more. Then the bottom fell out for some reason and it was common to see them sell for $150.00 on average. Now they are back to the over-$200.00 mark. At least... this one is 100 percent complete. All three lines are there along with the fittings.
However, a Black Frame 224 gave up its life as a result.

I have to stop now...... 2244 listings on e-bay for items relating to Case garden tractors. ...... it's just too much to bear.
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Hydriv, I agree wholeheartedly. There are a lot of scams and dishonest people on ebay.

This last posting by Joe's Outdoor Power represents an issue I've had but have not brought it up here.

Like many on here I spend a lot of time browsing CL and ebay for parts and tractors, etc. I've seen a number of listings by this Joe's Outdoor Power over the last few months and there is almost always a picture of the original tractor. Every time I see the original tractor it just bums me out that someone has taken it (in this case, not a bad looking black frame) and stripped it down to nothing to sell each and every individual part at a price that would probably add up to probably 10 times or more its actual value if they all were eventually sold. It just makes me sad that these are good solid tractors that could probably run for another 30 or more years with proper care but just end up getting sold off in pieces.

On the other hand, I know business is business and those parts will hopefully keep another 20 tractors in decent running condition.

I guess it just bothers me that the prices seem so exorbitant.
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I don't know why other people sell stuff on EBay. I know why I did. I was not prepaired for the recession when it hit. I had to supplement my income or declare bankruptcy. I bought and parted out quite a few tractors to make ends meet till I could figure out a better plan. If someone thinks that I'm "greedy" I don't really care. Supporting my family comes first.
Along with being able to make a living in the tractor business for a long time, I really like tractors. I spend a lot of my free time playing with them. When I had to put my dog down last March I was a wreck for a week and still get emotional when I think about him. I hope that I never get emotional over a tractor!!
Many people have many different opinions when it comes to parting out tractors. BOTH sides have very valid points and I fall somewhere in the middle. I am not against parting out tractors for profit, because I am often a buyer of those parts. (I would be willing to bet everyone against parting tractors has purchased parts from one.) But, I personally do not buy tractors and part them out because I don't want to be the one who permanently destroys a tractor.

Bottom line, parting will happen and needs to happen. The open market will determine what sale price actually is, whether we like it or not.
I think that my original intention has somehow become lost.

Hopefully, I can clear that up.


I am not dead set against this enterprise because I agree that it serves several purposes. First of all, it makes used parts available for those in need, regardless of reason. TWO: It is much better to have a tractor parted out than it is to have that tractor end up at the scrap yard to be cut up, shredded or crushed. At least, some people will make those parts live again in another machine.

What I don't like about the enterprise is that there are people in it who have a single objective and that is to make the most money out of each tractor with absolutely no thought about the tractor being parted. These are the opportunists who know absolutely nothing about the tractors they find and they have zero interest in educating themselves. Ask any diehard collector of any specific brand if he has a certain model that he would love to get his hands on but simply cannot find. If we were to put that question to someone who collects Colt tractors for instance, how would he feel if one of the prototype gear drive tractors made by the Johnson brothers surfaced and got parted out? Would the entire Colt and Case community consider this a major loss of a piece of important history? How about the prototype Colt 2 + Tools that preceded the T-90 or even a T-90? And then we have the Black Knights, some of which are really rare. I can also toss in the Golden Demonstrator tractors that followed, the Spirit of 76 or one of the Torq tractors.

Yes.... on some of the examples, I am over the top but only because I want people to understand why this sort of flagrant destruction troubles me. Right now there's a guy on e-bay that says right in his listing that there wasn't a thing wrong with the Case 226 Anniversary tractor he's parting out. He just "decided" to do it. I have seen beautiful examples of Cub Cadets and Deere tractors suffer the same fate, all for the almighty buck. There are often good reasons to part out a tractor thanks to blown or missing engines. But I'd hate to see a 180 Case get parted for those reasons. It's just not that hard to find a good home for it but that's not the mindset of these individuals.

I have seen some listings on e-Bay that just make no sense to me at all and they clearly demonstrate that the Seller has no clue as to what he is doing. He has it in his mind that the more individual pieces he creates from the tractor as a whole, the more money he will make. REALLY? Well, tell me this. Who is going to buy a set of bolts that hold the end cap of a hydraulic drive motor onto the main body of that motor? Who will buy the end cap or the bits and pieces from inside the motor along with the motor housing? I saw this happen on e-Bay and the listings kept re-appearing because he had no buyers. I pointed out the rear PTO for that very reason. I want the members here to understand that the rear PTO was sold as a complete kit, just as wheel weights, Flow Control valves, three point hitches, sleeve hitches and Holding Valves were. When you buy an incomplete kit, then that usually turns out to be a major financial mistake because nine times out of ten, you end up buying brand new parts to make it useable. Invariably, that puts your total cost for that item, much higher than if you had waited for a complete item to come along.

I agree that times are tough and that some people cannot see their way right now to purchase some items new....... but when the price disparity between a well-used cooling fan on e-Bay is within a few dollars of a brand new fan, then that is false economy. Suppose you buy that fan, put it on, put the tractor back together and the first time you try to slip a belt between the cooler and the fan, a blade snaps off. Then what? The Seller did no wrong. He told you the fan was used. He delivered it in the same condition that the photo showed it to be in. You have no recourse. Now.... you buy a new fan and write off what you paid for the old one. One of the worst crap shoots on e-Bay are used hydraulic pumps. A guy buys a tractor thanks to a Craigslist ad. He brings it home, gets it running, drives it around for 5 minutes and then parts it out. Does he know anything about that tractor other than the five minutes of exposure? Did he try to climb a steep hill? Did he mount a tiller on it to see how well it would perform? Don't be silly. He removed the pump, drained it and put it up for sale. But for some reason, buyers take these guys at their word and plunk down hard cash to try and get their tractor running again as cheaply as possible. Maybe he gets lucky and lands a pump that was replaced only 200 hours ago but what if that pump has 1000 hours on it? Or more?

I'm not saying that all e-Bay sellers are dishonest. What I am saying is that you need to open your eyes and realize that some of these items for sale are called "wear parts" that have a pre-determined lifespan. They begin to deteriorate slowly from the day the tractor is first started up. A fender or a hood can be easily assessed by viewing them. A cooling fan can be assessed by bending the blades. If none of them crack or snap, then the blade still has life in it. A pump must be tested on special apparatus to know how good or bad it is.

Some of you are feeding this market by purchasing parts for way too much money. High demand forces up prices. Your first line of defence is to ask for advice on this forum. You 2nd line of defence is to contact an Ingersoll dealer that can be TRUSTED and price the item you need. An educated owner is a smart owner and the main purpose of this thread was to give you some education.
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Thanks for calling me a good seller. :thumbsup: .............. I am not out to screw anybody, In many cases I am getting screwed on the prices I sell the parts for, but oh well more $$ in my pocket to fund more purchases!!
Well as the saying goes..."let the buyer beware". I've found most things sold on ebay can be found elsewhere without the added shipping cost. It isnt just ebay sellers though. Uniformed people will get taken avantage of til the end of time.
Hydriv, appearantly you didnt see the dumbass selling used head gaskets for the price of new ones then. $12.99 buy it now for a k301 used head gasket I bought new for $10.00 from a dealer. I have bought a few things from the one guy in MI to help put my 195 back to complete original. Seemed if it didnt sell on auction for 9.99 he puts it back up at triple the price as a b-i-n. Same with joe. Joe bugs me because he takes in some real nice machines and demolishes them. He also parts out some real beaters too. Wish he would keep the nicer ones and sell them whole again. There's guys like this in the antique tractor world too. An old friend told me once scrap it and its gone forever, leave it and rob parts off and it will still be there in 5 years. Seems everytime I go to the scrap yard with a load there's always good stuff in the yard and rarely will they sell it back. With the price of iron guys are taking the 180's and such and hauling them straight in for a quick buck.
As far as pricing goes, I sold everything with no reserve. Even then I felt a little guilty when a used cast steering gear sold for $210. I don't know the persons situation so it is not up to me to decide if they are stupid for paying this much. I think that people on these forums would be surprized to learn that there are a lot of people using or restoring these tractors that never go online. They have their wife, kids or grandkids go on ebay for them. They would win the bid then send me their phone number so I could call them to talk about payment and shipping. I would usually send the item and tell them to send payment when they recieved it. I have yet to find a dishonest Case enthusiast. This may explain some of the prices that people pay.
Nutcase446 said:
As far as pricing goes, I sold everything with no reserve. Even then I felt a little guilty when a used cast steering gear sold for $210. I don't know the persons situation so it is not up to me to decide if they are stupid for paying this much. I think that people on these forums would be surprized to learn that there are a lot of people using or restoring these tractors that never go online. They have their wife, kids or grandkids go on ebay for them. They would win the bid then send me their phone number so I could call them to talk about payment and shipping. I would usually send the item and tell them to send payment when they recieved it. I have yet to find a dishonest Case enthusiast. This may explain some of the prices that people pay.
Define "Case enthusiast".

In another thread, I ranted about the price of some reprinted manuals for Case tractors. I would never use the phrase "Case enthusiast" to describe the owners of that business.

I agree that once you put something up for sale on e-Bay, it is not your job as the Seller to control the bidding process. There is no question that $210.00 for a used steering quadrant is an absurd price but it took at least two people to reach that figure and you were not one of them. They made that decision to pay that much all by themselves.

The irony here is that someone might see that auction and then based solely on what he observed, go and buy the non-operating 444 down the street for $50.00 and part it out. Because he saw what you got for the quadrant, he's convinced that's what they are worth and puts his up for sale with BIN of $200.00. That is part of the problem with e-Bay. Just because two uneducated individuals drive up the price of a certain tractor or part, does not mean that every identical tractor or part is worth that much money.
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Hydriv said:
That is part of the problem with e-Bay. Just because two uneducated individuals drive up the price of a certain tractor or part, does not mean that every identical tractor or part is worth that much money.
I have always thought that the definition of an auction is when 2 fools meet. It takes a bigger fool to want it more than than the other. Granted, most of us are guilty of overpaying for one thing here or there, but if it's what you need to get something running and time is money, then it can be justified, but for a $210 steering gear???? If they had looked there are more out there.
I put on my sunglasses so I could get pst the brightness of the yellow seat. After I read the entire post, it does say the seat is available in black. Not sure how the slider would work. Anybody have a slider on yours?
Perhaps I wasn't clear in my post, I am definitely not against parting out tractors, especially old beaters...I've bought quite a few used parts myself. What bothers me is when nice, running tractors get stripped down to make a buck. I think we all can agree on that one.

The best thing you can do is always keep an eye on the ebay market, whether you need a part or not. If you have a good feel for the prices, when something does break on your tractor and you need to get it going, you can easily make the call whether to pick something up used at a decent price or bite the bullet and go new. The only problem with that strategy is that for guys like me with a '73 case 446 and onan of the same year, you have a tough time finding anything at all. That's when you need a connection like Boomer.
Also, I've had some luck with Sears Parts Direct for Onan parts when I need to buy new. Some parts are actually reasonable, some are ridiculously over priced.
This guy Joe....of Joe's Outdoor Power. His tractor disassembly operation is about 35 miles from me almost dead square in the middle of the Thumb region of Michigan. So the story goes, he was laid off and selling assets to keep afloat and decided to part out his own GT instead of setting it on the side of the road and taking $200 or so for it. Well, he sold the rear end for 200 and then the engine and came up with about $800 for the entire tractor. So he went out and started buying tractors on the side of the road, and then in the lot in back of the repair shop/dealer. The business has grown to have 12 people or so taking down tractors and Joe's wife handling ebay sales and books. Joe drives around the midwest with a gooseneck and a one ton diesel scarfing up anything he can get his hands on for next to nothing. Anything he can't move on ebay gets scrapped.

Don't know him personally, but a friend of mine bought a rear end for a JD318 from him and it went alright. Well the friend asked to pick it up, since we are so close, and he obtained the information about the business firsthand.
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Let me qualify this response by stating that I hold Joe Hemmi in high regard as a business man. Joe is fair, honest and accessible. I have not got a negative thing to say about Joe's business ethics. To me, Joe is like a mortician who quietly harvests body parts and sells them off prior to the corpse being cremated. There's a good side and a bad side to that business. The good side comes from the use of the body parts that otherwise would go up in flames. The bad part relates to the desecration of someone who was near and dear to people. While this might sound extreme, is it really that far off the mark? Joe parts out tractors that are near and dear to a lot of people but as often said, the harvested parts end up saving the life of other tractors. Recently, Joe upset me when he parted out a beautiful 648 loader backhoe because the engine was tired. OUCH. To me, that was not nice but I do understand. Joe paid too much for it and no one wanted to buy the machine as a whole. Joe is in business to make money so ......he parted it out.

Will the world stop turning as a result of the loss of the 648? Of course not but the CCI community suffered a major casualty that should not have happened. There are plenty of tractors around that are in rough shape. This was not one of them. I don't know if Joe broke even on that one. I doubt it but I could be wrong. The exchange between Joe and I over this tractor, sits in the archives of Joe's forum on MTF. If memory serves me right, he want more than 5 G's to stop this tractor from being parted. He was trying to sell the hoe for $1300.00. I don't see him making up the $3700.00 from the remaining parts plus there were his costs to dismantle, tag, inventory, photograph and list all those parts on e-bay. Other costs ensued as a result of the sales. So it isn't always rosy in the parting out biz.
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