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One of my gripes about my 1973 646 is that the hood pivots on the loader pivot point and as such it scrapes all of the way down the upper - front part of the dash.. Its honestly scraped most of the decal off there:

So, we turned the olde '73 into a HINGED hood like the later models of tractor.. I used a 'Offset Hinge' from McMaster that is almost 3/4" of an inch tall. I bolted it to the hood, was not ready to burn the little remaining paint off with the welder. and I added 3 - 1/4" nuts to the dash tower to bolt it onto.

There is a piece of 3/4 x 2 angle iron between the hinge and the hood. the Hood was really bowed and I used the angle iron to pull the hood out straight and it also added the extra height to get the hood 3/4" off the dash tower which is were it used to sit.

And yes I had to cut notches in the rear corners where it used to pivot on the loader rod so it would swing up.

Now the hood does NOT scrape the dash, so I could mount the Pressure Gauge on the dash....
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