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I do not, nor have I ever, worked for Sanchem; nor do I profit in any manner from anyone's use of their chemicals.

But you will. NO-OX-ID "A-SPECIAL" is a gooey, sticky, heavy grease-like substance. It's also fantastic stuff. It's the only thing I've ever seen that totally prevents battery terminal corrosion. Wire brush the spot on your block where you'll put your ground cable and clean the terminal on the cable; wipe some of this stuff on and you'll never have a problem with rust or a bad connection. Dip the end of stripped wires in it before crimping on a terminal. On new battery installs I just wipe it on with a finger then hit it with a heat gun, it flows and then solidifies as it cools. It's not real expensive and a couple ounces (less than $5) will last most people for years.
I've personally seen this stuff on 20 year old battery connections and when you open them up the surfaces are still like new and corrosion-free. You old military guys will know what it means when I say it's Cosmoline-based.

Good stuff but not always easy to find. Some commercial electrical supply houses, such as Graybar, carry it, or you order it through sourcetelsupply.

MSDS links Product Data Sheet
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