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Every one here is going to hate me!!!

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I scored a set of 16" wheel weights. They fit perfect on my 446.......almost like they were made for it. I personally think they were for a economy tractor but someone told me they weren't. They also seem to be painted a orange color. Does anybody have a pic of factory 400 series wheel weight? I will post a pic tomorrow of them on my 446. By the way I traded a set of used warn hubs for them :grin:
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Are they the cast iron weights? If they are I hate you. :lol:
Hate is an aweful strong word........ :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:
In the world of agricultural equipment, many brands used 15" and 16" rims with the 6 on 6 bolt pattern. All of these rims came with the same pattern of 4 square holes in them for wheel weights. Therefore, almost all of the brands offered cast iron wheel weights for their machinery that also fitted wheels on competing brands. OEM Case cast iron weights scale in at 37 lbs each and look like the discus you may have thrown in track and field events. They are stackable and were sold in sets of 4 or 6 .

If the pair you got extend outside of the actual rim center, then they are not OEM Case garden tractor weights but they could be OEM Case AG Division weights meant for the front wheels of tractors or to go on combines etc.
Here's a picture of the D10 weights on my tractor...I will take a better close up and post it later.Hope this helps! :thumbsup:
Well there not actual case weights then. They weigh 65 lbs each and stick out a little past the edge of the rim. But they still look good.
What do you think? Not bad for a set of warn locking hubs I got from who knows where.
Too bad he didn't have 2 pair of those and then you could have stacked them.

For a 1972 or early 73, that 446 is in really nice shape. It looks very original.
Its a 73. I don't think I did too bad for the money I paid. This project has moved up in order of importance as someone made a bet I couldn't have it done by end of summer. I'm shooting for the end of June to be mowing with it.
Here is a few more reasons for you guys to hate me :grin: These is what I paid $140 for

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I don't know if the pics portray it to well but the deck and mandrels are solid as a rock. Also I haven't cleaned the deck yet. That's just the way I bought it. Thats the nicest deck I have seen since I have been working on these case tractors.
I can't speak for the others but I don't hate you for lucking into a deal like that for a mere $140.00. However, since it is an early 73 Sunset 446, I will hate you if you fail to show that gem the respect it deserves by not restoring it meticulously. There are not that many examples of those left. The later 73's all came with the familiar side-mounted PTO lever instead of the dash-mounted vertical T-handle style. You even have the original seat that is painted Sunset with the Case decal on the back of it. You have something that is quite special, at least in my eyes.
Tom, I'm not going to BS you, I doubt this tractor will be "restored" anytime soon. I really hate everything to do with painting except for the finished product. I plan on making her mechanically sound and using it for mowing and other duties. I'm pretty excited about just needing to do a valve job on her so hopefully shed will be running soon. I will however paint the engine up nice since I have it stripped down to nothing right now. I will also paint the underside of the mower deck with POR15 to keep the underside of the deck looking nice.
If you noticed, I set no timeline.

It's not my right to do so. What matters most is "preservation" and the things that you are doing right now are part of that process. These tractors were made to go and perform work for their owners and that one still has a lot of life left in it. There's plenty of time down the road to conduct the restoration it deserves. In the meantime, keep it in good repair and enjoy what it will do for you.
Nice tractor......but I was distracted. Is that a FatBoy next to it?
I like your '73. I missed out on a non running '73 446 last summer.
A am a bit partial to the Desert Sunset tractors just because that is what I have. ('74, '75 446's) When I found my '74 the BF-MS was not running. One piston was shot. I had big plans to repaint and go through the whole thing before I ever heard a Case run. Winter rolled around, it was too cold to paint, I put it back together ( with a B48) so I could till and seed 2 1/2 acres this spring.
Protrucker said:
Nice tractor......but I was distracted. Is that a FatBoy next to it?
Yes it is. It belongs to my father in-law.
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