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Exhaust Issue- 1980 446

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Hey guys,

Well I finally got to some yard clean up at Golden Cove today. I used the 446 because the caster is still on the 448. When I started the 446 the exhaust pipe cracked apart on one side. I have removed it but was wondering what advice you all could give. Should I try and have the pipe I have welded or should I try and get a new one made up?

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I would have a new one made up. I believe you can buy the flanges that attach to the engine.

Do you have a welder? It wouldn't be to hard to make the pipe if you buy the flanges.

I do not have a welder. I guess I should check around for some parts :grin:
Either way it shouldn't cost you much to have it welded up.

I would make a new pipe/flange for the other side at the same time. If the other side is still intact whoever welds it can use it to make sure the bends are correct.
I would make it out of stainless steel and put a permanent end to that nonsense.
Stainless steel would do the trick :grin:
Look in or for exhaust pipe. They sell a lot of pieces that already have 90 degree bends in them. Im sure you could make something work if you start with all new pipe.
I just spoke with Boomer. One option I may have is repairing it like the older style. They used to use a 1" x 2 1/2" threaded nipple coming out of the block and clamp the exhaust pipe to that. I should be able to install a nipple and cut my pipe above the weld and clamp it to a nipple :grin: . Thanks for the help Boomer :thumbsup:
I'm not sure if we allow the word "nipple" to be used on this site. I'll have to confer with my partners. :sidelaugh:
tom and i spoke after his last post.
the parts that i,m sending are plug and play. (77 446 )
NO welding involved.
the parts are a 1" pipe nipple, a clamp, and an exhaust pipe.
thank you. boomer
I had my broken exhaust brazed today until I get the replacement parts from Boomer this will work for now! :chopwood:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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