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F-80 snowcaster

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2 questions

Whats a F-80 snowcaster in really good condition worth?

Also, is there anybody on here that may be willing to trade for either a 54" plow or a mower deck that would fit my 1983 case/ingersoll?

I'm not trying to make money on this so I would really rather trade even if the plow blade is not worth the same as a snowcaster. If someone is interested let me know and I will get pics of everything.
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Not to be a smart a$$ but , this is one of those instances where a location (yours) would be helpfull. :wave:
and right you are. I live westfield ma 01085
The problem with the early snowcasters is that they are not for Snap-Fast tractors. You have to own a 1969 or 1970 Case in order to make use of one. Therefore.... the demand is a bit limited. One in good condition SHOULD be worth as much as a Snap-Fast blower because it will do the same job and that value is $350.00.

Trading even-steven for a blade or deck is more than fair to the person with the blade or deck. They are coming out ahead on this deal. In fact, your blower for a deck AND a blade would be a much fairer deal to you.
Well then maybe I will make a post in the classified section when I get some pics. Is there anyone out there I could trade the snowcaster and a case of beer to paint my tractor? :sidelaugh:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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