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Thanks Rich, no wheel weights but the tires are filled and it looks to have been well cared for. In addition to the mower and blade it came with two plows, a harrow, a disc. My son has already staked out his claim.

Looking for a snow caster now. Pretty hard to find though, here in Virginia.


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Horrido said:
The tractor serial number is 9661640, the engine info is model K321AS, spec number 30410 & serial number 2113806813.

Where can I find out when this engine was made?


Oh boy........ were we go again with this one. ..

The chart says your tractor is a 72 but the build say it's a very early 73. I just went through this with a 76 446 that did not match the sales literature. I was just talking about this problem with Bob Hefley in his thread. Man... these tractors make me crazy some days.

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