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Friend now has a 4016!!

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Hi Troops,
A friend of mine watched me use my 4018 last summer and asked me if he could try it so I showed him how it operated and he fell in love with it. I saw him today and he informed me that he is now the owner of a 1997 4016 with 310 hours, with an RM48 deck and a UB54 blade. He paid $1,500 for the package, my comment, " where was me when this machine became available"!!!!!!!! Mad Mackie is :sad: !!!
I would have pounced on it it a heartbeat!!!!! Oh well!!!!! :sad: :sad: :sad:
He has already found a tiller but he needs a hyd PTO, so we will start searching for a PTO and a speed control as he loves to garden!!!! He didn't tell me about it until it was sitting in his garage as he knows that I would have grabbed it ASAP!!!! I saw it today and it looks better than a dealers demo!!!!!! It has a Vanguard 16 for power, just the way I like them!!!!! The PO moved here from Michigan and traded it for a new JD/wide deck/loader/snowblower.
I don't know why anyone would move here from Michigan, but he had been laid off from the auto industry and found a job here in CT.
So my friend retired a fairly late model upper end WH but he intends to keep it for use on another property that he has.
Mad Mackie in Taxonnecticut :mrgreen: :mowlawn:
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Nice! It's always nice winning a convert. The only thing that sucks about it is it's one more person looking for them on CL.

My brother is actively looking for a 400/4000 series and it's nice.
Bob : I think you friend owes you a few adult beverages! :facepalm: :mad: Nice deal he got, low hours, nice price.
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Now he can return the favor and let you use his 4016............. :sidelaugh:
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