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I have a 78 444 with a black gas tank and i bought a clear white gas tank from Joe's and it is stained, how do I get the stains out. Should I bleach it, use tire bright or what. Thanks for your help.

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boomers_influence said:
i have never been able to get the stains out.
Same thing. Mine is almost unreadable because of the stains, I've tried everything except a razor blade to remove them and nothing worked. I'm sure the razor would but I'd like to avoid certain unintended consequences.

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tom, and club
the first one of mine to have this style ,
of tank and rear panel was my 83 444.
when i converted my 82 448, i seem to recall
doing some trimming on the new donor rear panel,
and even moving some bolt locations. ( rear i think )
i think the work was worth the effort. ( no more gasoline on the floor )
thank you. boomer

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As for the stain issue, I don't believe that you will ever find a way to remove them. There are lots of things in this world that will permanently stain plastics such as polyethylene. Take the ordinary tomato as an example. If you cook tomatoes in some plastic containers, the tomato acid will chemically alter the plastic while staining it, thus making it impossible to remove.
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