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Generator light question

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I found a 3012 that I'm interested in buying. The current owner says that the generator light comes on when in use. It just started coming on, but does go off sometimes. Should I stay away? How big of a problem might this be? Thanks in advance.
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Could be a bunch of things.

Could be a weak battery from frequent starts with not a lot of run time.

Battery could be going bad.

Charging circuit could be damaged.

Loose or corroded wire somewhere.

It wouldn't stop me from buying it if everything else checked out okay. :trink:
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You know that just ignition switch not grounding on dash tower cause charge light come and go short in wire supplying current to center post rectifier from battery cause light to blink on off. If can use this get tractor cheaper.

When buy new to you tractor several thing need checking any way so small problem charge light blinks.
Find any info on history electrical system like if key switch been changed with After market switch you can't do that needs come from Dealer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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