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Good Morning from Big Sky Country

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I just learned of this site yesterday and joined last night. I am a retired Federal employee who has been a Case addict ever since I was 2 or 3 years old over 60 years ago. My family has a picture of me on the seat of my dad's 1949 DC. I got in to L&G tractors about 15 years ago when a good friend offered me his 155 with snowcaster and mower deck. I drove it home 3 blocks and it has sat in my garage ever since. Oh, I did mow with it a couple times but the left rear axle has a groove worn in it and it leaks badly. I have the parts to fix it but I just cannot get enthused about draining the fluid and driving out the retaining pin.
I also have a 190 with mower deck, snow/dirt blade, and rototiller. All it needs is an engine tuneup and it will be good to go.
I know of about a dozen Case L&G units in Great Falls and the surrounding area but with money tight, I haven't tried to pick up any more of them.
Tom Railsback
3025 8th Avenue North
Great Falls MT 59401-2148
(406) 454-8758
[email protected]
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Uhhhhh. hold on a second..... I think that we have an age limit for members. I have to do the math and check to see if we can allow you to be on here.

...... OK... good news. It appears as though you are younger than me at the moment so you can stick around until you exceed my age. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :canada:

Welcome to the group.. enjoy.. There's a lot of reading for you to do and there will be a test in a day or two so I suggest that you get busy. :thumbsup:
Tom R
WELCOME.....about time for few more "seniors" in this group. And don't pay any attention to Hydriv/Tom A....only thing older than he is DIRT!!

If you only have need to get busy and expand the herd...... Bob M
Hey Tom welcome to the group! :usa: We're glad you joined! The 190 and 155 are beautiful tractors, would love to see some pictures when you have a chance. Please feel right at home, this is a great group, there are very knowledgeable and helpful people here. Be sure to look around on the site, especially the technical library which is growing every day. Look forward to talking with you on site! :trink: :222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Welcome! Great folks on here. Lots of good information also.
Welcome aboard ... always good to see members from further West, where it seems the frequency of these tractors is pretty low ...

Welcome Tom R. ,glad to have you with us.

Maynard :canada:
Actually, I forgot to give my handle; it's Tubacase47. I play the tuba, collect Case, and was born in 1947.
Tubacase47! very clever!
Welcome to the group. Great stories, great guys on this site! You'll be in addict and find yourself on here a lot!
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