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Goofy question #2

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Ok. I am doing my first kohler 14hp removal from my 444. I have every thing off and thought I would slip the engine forward removing it from the hydro pump on the back of the engine. That didn't work. I took two bolts off the bottom of the the big black housing and tried to pull the engine forward agian. Still no go. I see there are two allen head bolts on the back of that pump but it's impossible to get at them. I removed the inspection plate that is below the stering wheel but still no access. What do I need to do the get that off? Disconnet the pump hose and pop that linkage off. If so how does that linkage come off? Just get behind it with a small pry bar and force it off? Help!
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If you did not use your serial/model number to locate the correct parts manual for your tractor, then that was your first mistake.

Pumps are held on by two bolts and pump mounts are secured to the block by 4 bolts. You likely have to remove the battery and loosen the hydraulic reservoir to get at the top bolts. Even then, the mount will likely be stuck to the block and you may have to smack the pump mount with a rubber mallet to break it free. The Lovejoy does not hold anything together.
I looked at most of that manual and I didn't see anything about pulling the motor or that pump. I took off the cover in front of the resivour and disconnected the hose. I also removed the cpnnection on the other side. The drain pipe had to come off. Now I am ready to go back out and see if I can pullit. It's tough after eating a big dinner though. If I have the motor lose I will be done for the night.
It shouldn't be necessary to remove any hoses. As Tom said, when you remove the bolts that hold the pump bracket to the block the only thing holding the pump and the engine together is friction, crud and rust which is why a little persuasion with the rubber mallet it often necessary.

Eat a small dinner and you'll be able to get it off. :sidelaugh:
Parts manuals do two things.

They give you a good idea as to how the tractor was assembled originally.

They also identify the parts with the factory part number.

They are not an instruction book as to which items must be removed in order to pull the engine. There is no manual that tells you that.

If you removed both hoses from the pump, then you can pull the engine with the pump in place. It's only 120 pounds tops. :sidelaugh:
Ok. I got it out, with the pump on. A little dinner break is all I needed to figure it out. Once I get the pump off the motor I will see if I can put the pump back in palce while the motor is getting worked on. I am still waiting for the harmonic puller to get here from harbor freight. Got a lot of crude to clean off every thing under and behind the motor and oil resivour. What do you guys use to clean this stuff? Gas and carb cleaner? I have a power washer but I am concerned about getting water in something it shouldn't be in. I did grease all the fittings I could find.
I put purple power cleaner in an old spray bottle full strength. Brush off thick stuff first, then spray, let sit a while and soak in, rinse with a garden hose. With the engine out and the pump hooked back up a pressure washer shouldn't hurt anything. Rule number one with hydraulics is KEEP IT CLEAN. The only thing that should be in a hydraulic system is the oil. No dirt, dust, water, sweat, etc.
It really took some banging to get the housing off. I would have never been able to do that with the engine in the tractor. Did some cleaning today on the tractor. Put the pump back on and found one of the hoses from the oil tank to the cooler had a big wear mark in it. It was just about ready to pop. I'll have to stop by the auto parts store to get some reinforced hose. Hope they have it. Found out the rustoleum engine orange is the same color as the cse orange. Well pretty dang close. Sprayed a couple small parts. Not going to do the whole tractor.
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