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The engine doesnt have a dipstick? Smoke a real faint amount in the sun. Runs great.
Have the original hood which has some "modifications". The new Steve Guider hood is perfect.
Has the Brinly sleeve hitch but doesnt have the lift bar to go to the lift rod.
Has a pto valve. Oh, and the throttle backs down. Took me awhile to figure that out why it kept slowing down LOL!

I got this off my favorite forum MTF. Where all the good CASE deals are LOL
$400 and then $400 to ship from Nevada. Not such a great deal after shipping but I think its well worth it.

And the thing is real hard to get on and off with the wheel so close.
Im real glad the thing doesnt have any rust on it. That seat spring scares me like it might break and do some damage to the boys
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