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Case / Ingersoll Tractors (Muskegon Area)

Date: 2011-04-29, 12:15PM EDT
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Up for sale are 2 Case / Ingersoll garden tractors. One is an early 90's Ingersoll 3016 PS Garden tractor with 44 inch deck. Excellent running Onan 16 horse engine with 705 original hrs on it. This tractor is heavy duty with all cast iron 2 speed transmission and front axle. Tractor is hydraulic drive, hydraulic lift and has hydraulic power steering as well. All fluids and filters changed and new battery. New belt for deck just installed.
The other tractor is a fully rebuilt, from the frame up, 1983 Case 446. This tractor is also hydraulic drive with hydraulic lift and a cast iron front axle. The tractor was disassembled in 2009, down to the bare frame and everything was sand blasted and repainted. Every part that needed it was replaced or rebuilt. All new bearings, seals and gaskets in the 2 speed cast iron transmission with the optional heavy duty lower ratio high range gear set installed, which allows for a more useful high range that reduces the top speed by around 2 miles an hour. New hydraulic pump and lines. Has the optional rear hydraulic PTO and 3 point hitch. There are 2 different 3 point hitches available for these tractors and this one is the heavy duty version that is more desirable. The engine is a Kawasaki 21 horsepower V twin from the small engine warehouse. It was a drop in kit for this tractor not a hack job. The engine was installed in the tractor before the rebuild and has around 75 hours on it. The restored tractor has around 15 hours on it doing snow removal. I added a 10 micron filter set up to the hydraulic system to keep things clean. Everything is new on the front PTO clutch except the adjusting nut. Front spindles are new as well as the front wheel bearings and 3 rib ag tires. Rear tires are ag's with chains. This tractor also has a fully restored 48 inch snow caster and factory steel cab that is heated by the engine. It has a glass wind shield and a hand operated wiper. There are many more details that I could list but i will stop at the major ones. I must point out, due to the fact that I have taken flack for custom painting this tractor, that this is NOT a faithful restoration to make it an all original show tractor nor was it intended to be. This tractor has a different paint color scheme of my choosing and all the fasteners were replaced with new shiny ones that I left unpainted to add a little flair. If you are a Case purist then this is not for you. If you are looking for a nearly good as new garden tractor to put to work that will out last any junk made today then this one is worth looking at. I have a completed photo history of the tear down and rebuild process of the 446 if interested. I would like to sell both of these fine tractors as a package deal. You could have the best of both worlds. A tractor for mowing and one for blowing snow. No switching back and forth. I have the manuals for both tractors. $6000.00 OBO for both tractors. You can call me at 231-730-2143 or contact me through Craigslist.


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That 446 went under heavy discussion on this forum earlier this year when it was for sale the first time around.


At that time, the Seller wanted $7000.00 for it. His price then dropped to $6000.00, followed by a further reduction to $5500.00

The thread shown above ended with my statement. "Perhaps this saga is over and he did find a deal he could live with. Or...we will see this machine back on the market again." The Seller was very ticked off at me and several other members of this forum over what was said in that thread. He was convinced that his valuation was superior to that of everyone else that posted. Three months plus have gone by and the tractor remains unsold. The workmanship appears to be beyond reproach so presumably the hang-up was the asking price.

Today, his new asking price is $6000.00 and he is now including a 3016PS Ingersoll that is arguably worth at least $1500.00 I guess you could say that he has dropped his price from $7000.00 for the 446, to $4500.00. But is that enough to produce a Buyer? In my opinion, no. Back in January, I said that I felt sorry for him and that has not changed. He built a wonderful tractor FOR HIMSELF and in order to recover his investment, he should be keeping it and using it for the next 20 years.
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