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Re: Grand Rapids Mi C/L Ingy 446 w/deck $1,800 other attach

Jack has found another very interesting listing.

This appears to be a 1987 or 1988 (last year) Ingersoll 446. For sure, the claimed low hours are astounding for a 22 year old tractor but your eyes should be able to tell you if it's true or not. Stranger things have happened.

So......assuming that this tractor is what the Seller says it is...... how do we assess the value? If this was a machine with 1700 hours on it, I think that it would be worth around the $1000.00 mark with a deck attached. But this one is essentially 3 years old, when you apply the 50 hour per year average use factor.

If I was in the market for a high quality garden tractor that would perform work around my place for many years to come, this one has all the earmarks of being a top choice. I also see the potential for a package deal here too if this guy isn't stupid about the asking prices for all hitch, adapter, tiller, PTO etc. Yes... the total cost will add up but if you intend to buy this stuff anyway, why not get it all right now? That way, you have it available to use immediately, such as tilling that garden this spring. You also don't have to spend precious time looking for the bits and pieces, negotiating to buy them and then paying more money to get them home.

Perhaps $1700.00 sounds high for a unit this old but the good part is that a low hour tractor should not need any parts to be replaced for many years to come. And he's right when he says that you would have to spend eight grand plus to buy something new that was equal to it or slightly better.
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