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Head retorquing

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I have read where it is recommended that one must re-torque the heads on Onans after running 10-15 minutes after rebuilding the engine. Is this also recommended or necessary on Kohler K-series engines? The K-series service manual says nothing about re-torquing nor have I seen it anywhere else. Just didn't know if I was missing something or not.
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Check the Onan Service Manual as it has specific directions regarding cylinder head bolt installation and retorquing. I think that there are Onan Service Manuals here. But always let the engine cool before a retorque of the heads.
All the Onan service manuals say to lube clean bolts with new engine oil, this info is at the top of the torque specs page. The Case/Ingersoll manuals for Onans don't specify this however. So basically the Onan torque values are a "wet" torque. But also read the pages that discuss cylinder head torquing and 25 HR cold retorque.
Bob MacGregor in CT
The K series Kohler Service Manual does say to sequentially retorque the cylinder head after 15 minutes of running and cooling off. Regarding the bolts it also says cleaned and lubed with clean engine oil This again is the Kohler Service Manual here on this site and not the Case/Ingersoll Kohler Service Manual.
Bob MacGregor in CT :mrgreen: :mowlawn:
Thanks Bob. I looked through the manual (again). Found that statement, had read right over it. :oops: Threads were lubricated before installation. :trink:
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